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Trump’s Mess – Part Three

For me, Trump was supposed to “throw the rascals out,” but unfortunately he has just brought in a group of new rascals.  He was supposed to be a gentile who would stand up against the Jews whom I perceived as almost running the country, and planning to consolidate their position under Hillary.  But instead of looking like an honest man representing middle America, Trump looks like trailer park trash opposing polished, intelligent Jews.  I see Jewish Representative Adam Schiff as the attack dog against Trump for Democrats in the House.  Al Franken is making a move to take that role in the Senate.  The Jewish media — all the major networks, CNN, many print publications — feature Adam Schiff prominently attacking Trump.  Franken is everywhere plugging his new book and attacking Trump.  So far, Schiff and his colleagues are winning the battle, although Trump is still President.  

The Washington Post wrote an article saying Trump is under investigation by Robert Mueller.  The article appears to have been written in part by two Jews listed as part of the four author team – Adam Entous and Sari Horwitz.  I mention them because it does look like there is an orchestrated Jewish attempt to remove Trump from the Presidency.  In any case, Trump believed them and tweeted that he was under investigation, based on their article.  Sunday, one of Trump’s lawyers went on the Sunday shows to deny that he is actually under investigation.  The Trump  lawyer, Jay Sekulow, was born to Jewish parents, but became a Christian, and has led a Jews for Jesus group.  Fox’s Chris Wallace got Sekulow to admit that he did not actually know what was inside Mueller’s mind and thus could not say definitively whether Trump was or was not under investigation.  How do the Jews at the Washington Post know Trump is under investigation?  Are they mind readers?  If not the leaks by Mueller or his inner circle are despicable.  He has fouled his nest and disgraced himself within a few weeks of taking over the investigation.  If Trump is under investigation, and the Washington Post story is accurate, Mueller does not have the integrity to lead the investigation.  Mueller has slandered the President of the United States, and has no doubt violated many ethical guidelines, if not laws.  The other possibility is that the Washington Post has printed a fraudulent, fake news story motivated at least in part by race hatred.  Which is it?  

But I digress.  Trump has gotten himself into this mess by being so Jewish himself.  Many ordinary Americans don’t like New York Jews because they are loud, pushy and impolite.  Trump has those characteristics in spades.  The problem is that it works for Jews and it’s working for Trump.  But I wanted a guy to represent me who is dignified,intelligent, reasonable.  Trump is none of those.  

I blame the problem partly on the Republican Party.  How did Trump, a lifelong Democrat, ever get on the list of Republican candidates.  Could Hillary Clinton have run as a Republican?  The Republican Party should have done some vetting and made Trump run as an Independent.  The other Republican failing was not providing Trump with Republican Party experts and advisers once he became the nominee.  I’m sure these Republican big shots are happy not to be part of the Trump administration, but they have let down their country.  The country needs leadership, and Trump is surrounded by incompetent newcomers.  Trump doesn’t want these experienced advisers, but the Republican Party should have forced them on him for the good of the country.  

The Republican Party establishment is paying the price for opposing Trump up until the election, and pretty much even until now.  The result is that the Republicans control the House, the Senate and the Presidency, but they can’t get any meaningful legislation passed.  They can’t staff the many political jobs in government departments and agencies because they have no pool of experienced, talented people to draw from.  

As a result Trump is more or less flying blind, leading the country with only a small group of advisers who are political novices.  The country’s salvation so far has been the military officers he has appointed to cabinet posts.  I doubt that they like their positions either, but as military professionals they have put country before their reputations.  The Republican establishment should do the same.  


Trump’s Mess – Part Two

Trump never should have fired Comey. If I have to choose who I trust more, I would choose Comey.  I think Comey is more honest and honorable than Trump.

I favored Trump because he was a way to throw the rascals out, the old established politicians who favored their supporters, played the inside Washington game, and ignored the old middle class that was being gutted by their policies.  The group that I thought I was voting against was the Democratic establishment, led politically by Jews and gentiles who agreed with the politics of the primarily Jewish establishment, like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  The rich Jews had lots of money and could fund the Democratic policies which main benefited blacks, Hispanics, and other recent immigrants.  

Since Jews were relatively recent immigrants they were interested in taking power from the old guard white majority, based on the political base they built on people who were not part of the old guard white majority.  To do this the Jews stirred up enmity between blacks and whites, immigrants and natives.  Because Jews look European, the racial strategy they followed was not apparent to whites or the opposing groups stirred up by the Jews.  

One example of this was ObamaCare.  The ordinary insurance provisions that applied to pre-existing conditions, for example, were approved by the insurance companies and more or less followed statistical insurance models. These provisions brought in several million people, but were insignificant compared to the number of people brought in under Medicaid, which was only funded by the government.  It’s fine to bring in millions of previously uninsured people, but the Medicaid portion was effectively separate from the insurance portion of ObamaCare.  Medicaid was largely unfunded, and for this reason has been hugely popular.  It is a government giveaway, something for nothing.  Rich Chinese lenders who buy US bonds are paying to treat poor blacks in Detroit and poor whites in West Virginia.  Clearly there were a lot of non-Jewish Democrats working on ObamaCare, such as Nancy Pelosi, but by and large they were influenced by the wealthy Jews who dominated the party.  Hillary Clinton was intended to carry on this tradition, a non-Jew implementing Jewish policies.  

Another big issue was the financial crisis of 2008.  Although there were many types of people involved and responsible during the Bush administration, Wall Street is largely a Jewish fiefdom.  Jamie Dimon is probably the most powerful non-Jew, but he was a protege of a typical Jewish banker, Sandy Weill, and clearly fits in well with his Jewish colleagues on Wall Street.  The 2008 Great Recession was set in motion when Jewish Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin persuaded President Bill Clinton to repeal the Glass-Steagall law that kept banks out of the risky businesses whose failure led to the country to the brink of financial collapse.  Jewish Fed chair Bernanke was instrumental in keeping the disaster to a recession, rather than a depression, and Jewish Congressman Barney Frank was instrumental in drafting new legislation to prevent a repeat of the disaster.  

These two issues come together in the problem of income inequality.  We have a financial and political systems that disproportionately benefit the very wealthy, plus the income inequality accentuates the differences between racial groups: Jews and whites at the top with blacks and immigrants at the bottom.  The main victims of this inequality have been the old white middle class, which finds itself moving down the toward the bottom.  There has been relatively little change in the makeup of the top and the bottom, but the difference between them has become greater and greater.  

Clearly Jews are not united on political policies.  Bernie Sanders, a Jew, led the fight against the income inequality created by the Jews on Wall Street.  There are a number of Jews in the Republican Party who have been very influential, but the Jewish Republican leaders tend to focus more on foreign policy than on domestic issues, for example, William Kristol, Elliott Abrams, Paul Wolfowitz, or even Sheldon Adelson.  Their main concern seems to be Israel and how American foreign and defense policy would affect it.  

A similar concern about the Democratic Jews is that they will use their influence to amass enormous fortunes and then will take their money and move on to Israel, or some other country with lower taxes and fewer restrictions than the US.  If this happens a substantial portion of the wealth that used to belong to the old, white middle class will leave the country and be gone forever.  Meanwhile, the remaining Americans will be faced with huge debts created to pay for ObamaCare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and never ending wars in the Middle East, which so far have tended mainly to make Israel more secure.  Osama bin Laden said that one of the reasons for his attack on the World Trade Center was US support for Israel.   

The main point of the preceding is to explain my idea that Trump might be someone who would resist the Jewish powers that be.  This was probably a misperception.  New York is a Jewish town.  Trump is part of a very Jewish business, New York real estate.  He has worked closely with Jews, epitomized by his Jewish son-in-law Jared, whose father was a real estate developer very much like Trump.  In addition one of Trump’s mentors as a young man was Roy Cohn, the lead lawyer for Senator Joe McCarthy’s hearings on un-American activities.  Trump has brought a number of prominent Jews into his administration, notably Wall Street bankers Steve Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary and Gary Cohn as a senior economic adviser.  But you have have to remember that his opponent was Hillary Clinton, who had the strong support of almost the entire Democratic Jewish establishment.  She was the means for the same Jews to dominate Washington as they had in the Obama administration.  David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel might be gone, but other Jews would take their places for Hillary, not to mention the less well known Jewish financiers and political operatives.  

Trump’s Mess – Part One

I have tried to support and defend Trump as President, but it is getting harder and harder. I supported him as the common man’s response to the establishment, but he is making the establishment look better than it used to.

I don’t think he should have fired Comey or interfered with the Russian hacking investigation, although he should have prepared a strong defense against whatever allegations were made against him and his administration. I still don’t believe that Trump is a pawn of Putin or a traitor, although he might be guilty of some criminal conduct before or after his election. It seems like the most egregious criminal offenses in politics are committed during the coverup, rather than in the questionable act itself. We should let the investigations proceed unimpeded and see what they turn up. Unfortunately, the Clinton Whitewater investigation showed that once these start, they never end, but Trump is stuck with it because of the way he ran his campaign and transition.

The fact that Trump wants good relations with Russia does not bother me. I don’t think Putin’s Russia is the old Soviet Union. I don’t think it is the existential threat to the US that the Soviet Union was. Putin’s challenge to the US is partly personal, because the US has been so critical of him personally, and partly an effort to make Russia great again (like Trump’s America). Off and on for a thousand or so years, Russia has been a significant player on the European continent. It defeated Napoleon and Hitler. The divide between east and west Europe has moved to the east or west, depending on the relative strength of Germany, France, or Austria, and Russia. As Russia strengthened, the border moved west, as western Europe strengthened, the border moved east, in either case often to the detriment of Poland with occasionally disappeared, swallowed up by one side or the other. I think Putin is trying to reassert Russia’s traditional importance, and it does not necessarily threaten the balance of power in Europe, although it might threaten some Central European states in one way or another. Whatever might happen would probably still be better than being part of the Warsaw Pact during the Cold War. The most obvious appearance of these tensions is Ukraine, which is where the two forces of east and west are meeting at the moment. Nevertheless, I do not see the current Russian threat as anywhere near the existential threat the old Soviet Union posed during the Cold War. It’s a rivalry that can be managed. So far, neither Trump nor Putin is doing a good job of managing it, but it can percolate without serious damage.

I think the scare tactics about the Trump-Russia connection are mainly a Democratic political attack strategy. They create the impression Russia is a danger to the US without explaining why. But I think partly the Russia scare is due to Jewish racial fears. Jews lived in oppressive conditions in Russia for hundreds of years. The mass exodus from Russia was largely due to the 1974 Jackson-Vanik amendment, which restricted trade with countries that limited Jewish emigration to the US or Israel. The four Jewish staffers for Senator Scoop Jackson responsible for the amendment were Richard Perle, Elliott Abrams, Douglas Feith, and Paul Wolfowitz, according to Commentary Magazine.  These past experiences automatically associate Russia with evil in Jewish minds.  

All of these staffers went on to have important positions in later Republican administrations. . According to urban legend, Richard Perle was the main person responsible for persuading Reagan to reject the opportunity to eliminate all US and Soviet nuclear weapons at his summit with Gorbachev in Reykjavik, Iceland. Putin is no doubt very grateful to Perle.

On foreign policy, I am more concerned about what is going on in the Middle East with Qatar, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, if only because Trump seems more personally responsible for that, while Putin seems more responsible for what’s happening with Russia. Trump was just in Saudi Arabia and hailed his visit as a great success. Right after he left, Saudi Arabia appeared to take two actions against Iran — making Qatar a pariah in the Sunni Middle East, and perhaps encouraging a terrorist attack on Iran by ISIS. Trump has already applauded Saudi Arabia’s ouster of Qatar. Qatar’s main offense seems to be less than fulsome opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood. Meanwhile, it hosts a very important American military base and sponsors the best news service in the Middle East, Al Jazeera.

Domestically, I thought during the election that Trump was a Democrat at heart, and that his Democratic leanings would come out when he arrived in office. So far, there is no sign of them. He has embraced hard right policies on immigration, healthcare, and taxation, the main issues he has addressed so far. As a former consular officer for the State Department, I favor enforcement of immigration laws, which have been generally ignored by both Democrats and Republicans for fifty years or longer. Immigration laws have been enforced (or not) like Prohibition was. Once Prohibition was enforced by Eliot Ness and the untouchables, it was repealed. People pretend to care about immigration, but wealthy individuals like their cheap foreign gardeners, cooks, and care takers, while businesses like their cheap foreign engineers and coders.